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  • Integration
    Our services include new installations, retrofits and start up assistance.
  • integrator systema1
    We will design extremely reliable Intel bases rack mount and touch panels.
  • Training
    We will train your maintenance group to allow them to keep your production going minimizing the down time. Your maintenance team will move to a new level.

Company Overview

A leader in providing innovative, cost effective solution for process automation and control system challenges.                                                                            .

Engineers providing system integration services & support. Offices in 3 locations serving customer needs both locally and world-wide.



3D Modeling: Autocad, Inventor, Solidworks

Electrical Drawings: AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical

Programing: TIA PORTAL V12-V13(Step 7, WinCC Advanced, WinCC Professional, SCOUTIA), LOGO Automation Studio, Visual Studio, C, C++, MATLAB, LABVIEW, OPC System NET

Drivers support: SIEMENS (G120, S120, V40, MICROMASTER), ALLEN BRADLEY (POWERFLEX 40, 400), YASKAWA (Microdrives, General Purpose Drives, Fan&Pump Drives), DELTA (C200, C2000 series), B&R, Danfoss, Lenze Inverters.

Our Service

Expertise in panels construction

Engineering & Design Services

Our Engineering Group works with the clients business needs from conceptual design through final construction. We pride ourselves on incorporating all project issues to provide the greatest potential of success for our customers.

•  Budget Cost Estimates • Power & Distribution
• Instrumentation     • Control Systems
• Lighting & Grounding • Cable Tray Systems
• Motor Controls   • Bid Packages

Control Retrofits for plastics processing machines

Control retrofits have improved the performance and prolonged the life of machines from the following OMEs:

Davis standars   •Pall
Mucell Extrusion   •Trexel
Gloucester and more

PLC Programming

Our team has years of experience programming numerous PLC platforms. We have close relationships with a number of outside experts and consult with them as needed. We bring you a solution that has been determined to be optimal by the best of the best.

• Ladder Logic Conversion  • PLC Upgrades
• Create Ladder Logic Blocks and Standard Functions
• IEC 61131 Standards

Construction & Project Management

Our Construction Group is made up of skilled professionals with the expertise and years of hard earned experience required to be successful in the commercial and industrial markets that PC&E competes in. We strive to build long term
relationships by providing competitive, quality work to our customers.

Let us prove it to you
• Project Management    • Design-Build
• Capital Projects    •Instrumentation
• Maintenance Support  • Ground Testing
• Startup/Commisioning • UL Panel Shop

Electrical Design & Panels

We create wiring diagrams for your machines, which will help any future change or troubleshooting.

• Markups   • Change Description
• Signal List     • Reference Project
• Specification List   • Spread Sheet


PC&E is a Control Systems Integrator and Solutions Provider with experience designing, installing PLC based control systems. From design and initial concept to installation, start-up and commissioning, PC&E can provide solutions to your automation and information system problems.

• Continuous Process  • Databases / Historians
• Batch Process   • Custom Reporting
• Discrete Automation  • Machines Upgrades
• Safety Solutions  • Process Control

HMI Programming

Design and Implementation of Human Machine Interfaces that present process data to human operators and through this, the human operator monitor and controls automation processes. Integration of Programmable Logic Controllers to control process conditions and PID loops.

• Upgrades  • Updates
• New  OS   • OPC
• Work on: (GE-Simplicity, WinCC, RSView, Wonderware, Visual

Training seminars

The better your people the more up time you gain with your equipment. Based on experience we came up with a training program to keep your maintenance group updated in the latest technology.

About Our Company

Since 2012 established by professionals from the Plastics/Machinery industries, Process Control and Engineering LLC (PC&E) is a respected provider of engineering, automation and construction services to a wide range of industries and markets coast to coast and worldwide.

Our staff

Our dedicated and skilled engineers, programmers, technicians and field personnel will provide solution that fit the specific needs of your application. From support and maintenance work to large capital projects.

How We Work

Our engineering Group works with the clients business needs from conceptual design through final construction. We pride ourselves in incorporating all project issues to provide the greatest potential of success for our customers.

Industries we serve


PC&E offer complete solutions for automation with instruments and control components that can be developed in-house. The experience of PC&E allows it to link all components logically and create the ideal solution. This also significantly increases the operational reliability and safety.


After assessing the unique needs of the clients, PC&E can develop a completely new control system for any Thermoformer in the market, which included heaters, machine controllers, and a new operator interface. Engineers at PC&E can upgrade any existing trim press controls to communicate with the Thermoformer of your choice.


We build solutions. We’re a full-fledged packaging consultant, offering products, services and programs that give our customers exceptional value. We consult closely with customers on the research and design of their packaging.


-Life Science

Ask our Engineers for Solutions

We can help your company turn from corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance.