Complete Integrated Services


Industrial Automation

PC&E offers a rage of solutions to help you improve the quality, efficiency and safety of plant-centric process and operations. Service areas include:

  • Automation engineering
  • Process automation
  • Industrial automation integration
  • Regulatory-compliant systems & services.

We supply the expertise and trained resources to help maintain and upgrade your facility while reducing costs. Service areas include

  • Construction management
  • Technician services/Calibration
  • Outage services & planning
  • Maintenance & support contracts
  • Installation

Our team helps you identify and remove performance barriers in order to improve yields and throughput while reducing process variability and energy consumption. Service areas include:

  • Model predictive control
  • Advanced supervisory control
  • Advanced regulatory control
  • Inferred properties for product quality control
  • Knowledge-Base control
  • Custom Automation for complex operations
  • Vendor-Independent soluction selection.