Complete Integrated Services



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Complete Integrated Services

provides control system design, system integration, programming services and product fullfillment to industry and municipalities.

Extensive Experience

with legacy distributed control systems migration and programmable logic controller migration, we serve OEMs and the Industry.

Distributed Control System

combines one or more PLCs with and HMI, and allow us to build both toguether allowing to combine the project into an integrated package.

Energy Management & Optimization

energy expertise that can perform site studies and make recommendations on Water, Air, Electricity, Gas, and Steam conservation.

Everything is possible

In today’s market place with global competition, increasing government regulations and evolving technologies our clients are faced with the challenge of maintaining aging control systems to meet today’s increasing demands. Our highly skilled engineers can provide control system migration strategies, as well as, offer from-the-ground-up complete system design to implement a solution that is customized for your application.

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