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Thermoforming control

If You Think It’s Expensive To Hire a Professional, Wait Until You Hire an Amateur

After assessing the unique needs of the client, PC&E developed a completely new control system for the Thermoformer, which included heaters, machine controllers, and a new operator interface. Engineers at PC&E upgraded the existing trim press controls to communicate with the Thermoformer. Communications between the Thermoformer panels and the Trim Press panel were accomplished via Ethernet IP deterministic digital network. PC&E developed the HMI to mimic operator functions found on the manufacturer’s other machines, thus reducing the learning curve for set up and operation personnel. To reduce the foot print of the machine on the factory floor, PC&E suggested mounting the new control panels back to back.

This automation control solution included four Siemens 5 motors and drives, a Sinamics machine controller, and an industrial military grade PC. These components were uniquely chosen by application engineers at PC&E to provide the most effective and reliable solution to the clients individual automation challenges.

An Allen-Bradley industrial PC with a Windows operating system can be utilized for user-friendly menu based color displays and graphics to guide operators and maintenance personnel through all functions of the machine. This high speed PC provides virtually unlimited storage of product recipes, trending and SPC data, as well as the ability to operate Microsoft Office or equivalent products for manuals, maintenance logging procedures and data acquisition. National Instruments Lookout Software easily manages the machine’s HMI communication and features are easy to expand in the future. Password protection, Ethernet, USB and online diagnostics all provide for an efficient, maintainable and secure system.